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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gastric Bypass Surgery Babies Could Be Healthier than Regular Babies

Now the benefits of weight loss surgery are reaching beyond the patient to the offspring of the patient. Who would of thought? But why not? It makes perfect sense. Healthy mother means healthy child right? That is what we have been taught since the beginning of time.

A new study out of Canada is showing that the babies of mothers who have undergone bariatric procedures are healthier than their siblings who were born before their mothers underwent the bariatric procedure.

It's a mouthful but if you follow the logic, it stands to reason. If you are living a lifestyle being over weight and out of control with no options or help to remedy your situation, your children will mimic your lifestyle and develop the same habits.

When one prepares for bariatric surgery one goes through extensive re-training with regard to food behaviors and life style. Once the procedure is performed ones life changed drastically. You do not eat or act as you did before. It stands to reason that anyone around you will also follow suit.

The difference being, a newborn or very small child will not have difficulties adapting to the changes like an older sibling would. The change would not be felt. An older sibling may not be able to or simple may not want to adapt. From a laypersons point of view I can see how this makes perfect sense and am pleased that we now have a medical study to show this to be true.

Let's put another notch in the positive belt of Weight-Loss For Life. If you would like to read the article from which I have based this blog post please click on this title: Gastric Bypass Surgery Babies Could Be Healthier than Regular Babies

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gastric Baypass Surgery Beats Lap-Band for Health, Weight-Loss Benefits

Well this is hot off the press guys and pretty ground-breaking. There has always been a line drawn in the sand between those who prefer Lap-Band surgery and those who feel that gastric bypass is the way to go.

Previous research has suggested that Lap-Band surgery is safer than gastric bypass, but a new
study, published in the journal Archives of Surgery, found the risks of both operations were about equal and that gastric bypass
performed dramatically better than Lap-Band when it came to weight-loss.

This is another big step in advocacy for bariatric surgery in general. No more focus on the "quick fixes" that in the end cause more complications and more surgeries. And as we all know, surgery in every case, for any reason, is life threatening.

"Gastric bypass produced better results than Lap-Band surgery on all measures. The gastric bypass patients, for example, lost 64 percent of their excess weight on average in the year following surgery. Those who underwent Lap-Band surgery lost just 36 percent of their excess weight during the same period."

This is an excellent article and I suggest that anyone whether considering weight-loss surgery or post-op give it a good read. It can be found by clicking this link: Gastric Baypass Surgery Beats Lap-Band for Health, Weight-Loss Benefits

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weight Loss Surgery Eliminated My Knee Pain - Read On

When I was overweight one of the only things that effected me, that I really noticed, was the severe pain in my knees. It came on a little at a time and to tell you the truth I tried to blame it on soccer. I had been an athlete my entire life and I just figured all of that running and abuse was finally taking it's toll.

The pain was starting to bother me so badly that I made an appointment with an orthopedist. I expected to hear something like I would need an MRI and then some physical therapy. He did a full round of x-rays, also did the MRI. He had me back in two weeks. What I heard from him then, nearly knocked me off my chair.

The Dr. told me that me knee joints were deteriorating at an alarming rate. He compared it to cheese on a grater. He said that if I did nothing, by the time I was 50 I would be in a wheel chair. I was 33 at the time. Needless to say I left his office in tears.

As time went on the knees got worse. So worse, in fact, that I could not walk up and down a single flight of stairs. I needed help rising from a seated position. And most embarrassing of all, I need my husband to help me lower myself onto the toilet and then get back up. The pain was unbearable.

My knee pain played a major factor in my decision for having weight loss surgery. In the end it paid off. After surgery I did not have that type of knee pain again. And what I had only imagined were cause and effect, are now backed up by science, as you will read in the study that was just release a few days ago.

The Penn State study showed that all of the participants had some level of pain reduction after weight loss surgery with no other treatment to the knees. The participants had improved quality of life, the ability to perform day to day functions and physical activity.

The findings were scheduled to be presented Saturday at the American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine's Specialty Day program.

"Each individual had some kind of improvement in their pain from losing weight, some more than others." lead researcher Christopher Edwards, of the Penn State College of Medicine, said in a society news release.

To view the full article click here

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Astounding New Research-Heart Changes Shape After Weight Loss Surgery!

With Valentine's Day being tomorrow I find this to be quite a relevant and rather ironic topic to share. There is NEW RESEARCH coming from the Medical College of Georgia. Dr. Sheldon Litwin, Chief of Cardiology at the college authored a study which has uncovered that the hearts of patients who have undergone significant weight loss, as a result of gastric bypass surgery, don't have to work nearly as hard as they did before having weight loss surgery. The result is astounding in that the actual shape of the heart changes. Because of this change the patient generally experiences healthier cholesterol levels, lower heart rates and less insulin resistance all of which lessens the risk of many cardiovascular diseases. I highly recommend you read the full article which can be found by clicking here.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weight loss does not have to be an endless cycle of despair.

I was neither a heavy child nor developed a weight problem later in life. However, you might have a hard time believing it by looking at my slide show. Weight loss became a constant concern of mine after I got married and had my three daughters. The marriage was on the rocks and before I knew it I had ballooned to a whopping 367 pounds. And that was in the space of 10 years! Weight loss had never been an issue before. I had always been athletic naturally staying around 140 pounds standing 5'7". Maybe not the perfect weight but one I had been comfortable with my entire life. Now I was scared. Three girls a marriage on the rocks and a body that could give out at any moment. And that's where my quest began to find the answer to weight loss for life. As you see in my pictures I found it. And you can find it too. You won't suffer or torture your body. You will, however, be required to make a serious, well informed, life changing decision. I am here to help you and guide you if you are preparing to make that decision and support you if you are living post bariatric surgery. It's a wild ride so let's get ready!