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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gastric Baypass Surgery Beats Lap-Band for Health, Weight-Loss Benefits

Well this is hot off the press guys and pretty ground-breaking. There has always been a line drawn in the sand between those who prefer Lap-Band surgery and those who feel that gastric bypass is the way to go.

Previous research has suggested that Lap-Band surgery is safer than gastric bypass, but a new
study, published in the journal Archives of Surgery, found the risks of both operations were about equal and that gastric bypass
performed dramatically better than Lap-Band when it came to weight-loss.

This is another big step in advocacy for bariatric surgery in general. No more focus on the "quick fixes" that in the end cause more complications and more surgeries. And as we all know, surgery in every case, for any reason, is life threatening.

"Gastric bypass produced better results than Lap-Band surgery on all measures. The gastric bypass patients, for example, lost 64 percent of their excess weight on average in the year following surgery. Those who underwent Lap-Band surgery lost just 36 percent of their excess weight during the same period."

This is an excellent article and I suggest that anyone whether considering weight-loss surgery or post-op give it a good read. It can be found by clicking this link: Gastric Baypass Surgery Beats Lap-Band for Health, Weight-Loss Benefits


  1. First of all you look fab!!! it is really a personal choice to choose either Lap Band or Gastric Bypass Surgery. Though with Lap Band you lose less weight and there is the option to give up if you dont continue to visit the doctor and get fills. Gastric Bypass can seem like a more risky operation since it is more complex.

  2. Thanks Christine. And you are absolutely correct. Gastric Bypass surgery is a life choice. It is not a decision to be taken lightly. At the same time it was a life saving decision for me. In the same way that people have to adjust their lives after all major surgeries. I have the benefit of being 11 years post op which most people can't say. And I live a very normal life. I can honestly say that the only thing that is different for me is that I have to take my vitamins three times a day and this is a strict must. I include my protein with my vitamins. So if you can handle this kind of discipline over the long run you will be ahead of the game.

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