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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gastric Bypass Surgery Babies Could Be Healthier than Regular Babies

Now the benefits of weight loss surgery are reaching beyond the patient to the offspring of the patient. Who would of thought? But why not? It makes perfect sense. Healthy mother means healthy child right? That is what we have been taught since the beginning of time.

A new study out of Canada is showing that the babies of mothers who have undergone bariatric procedures are healthier than their siblings who were born before their mothers underwent the bariatric procedure.

It's a mouthful but if you follow the logic, it stands to reason. If you are living a lifestyle being over weight and out of control with no options or help to remedy your situation, your children will mimic your lifestyle and develop the same habits.

When one prepares for bariatric surgery one goes through extensive re-training with regard to food behaviors and life style. Once the procedure is performed ones life changed drastically. You do not eat or act as you did before. It stands to reason that anyone around you will also follow suit.

The difference being, a newborn or very small child will not have difficulties adapting to the changes like an older sibling would. The change would not be felt. An older sibling may not be able to or simple may not want to adapt. From a laypersons point of view I can see how this makes perfect sense and am pleased that we now have a medical study to show this to be true.

Let's put another notch in the positive belt of Weight-Loss For Life. If you would like to read the article from which I have based this blog post please click on this title: Gastric Bypass Surgery Babies Could Be Healthier than Regular Babies


  1. Wow, this is the first time that I heard about this Gastric Bypass surgery. I know that it can help diabetic patients but this will be a good news for moms.

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